Monday, November 8, 2010

November Give-Away

YEAH ! ! ! ! !
It's time for my
1st Monthly,
or Bi-monthly,
or Quarterly,
or Semi-Annual
or Perhaps Annual
Confessions of a Crochet Pattern Slut Give-Away

This Give-Away
Starts Today,
November 6, 2010,
and will end Saturday Night,
November 13, 2010, at midnight PST.
The hubby will draw the winners
Sunday, November14, 2010.
If you don't win . . .blame him!

Grandma's "Mildew Resistant"

double yarn thickness, machine wash and dry

double yarn thickness, machine wash and dry

double yarn thickness, machine wash and dry
double yarn thickness, machine wash and dry
Framed "C" is for  Christmas

15" wide x  24" long

To Enter the Give-way, you must do the following:
  1.  You must be a follower here or on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on this post.
  3. click on this link and complete the form. (If the link does not work, please leave me a comment so I can get it fixed.)
  4. I have listed the choices, you will need to number them in your order of preference. (ex. A is 1, B is empty, C is 3, D is 2, etc.)
  5. Please pay attention to the color combinations. I don't want you to be disappointed.
  6. You may enter once a day, each day of the contest.  (And yes, Pammy Sue, previous winners are always welcome :0})
  7. You may chose as many or as few items as you want . . . just remember to number them by your preference
And last but not least, I would appreciate your adding a link to this Give-Away on your blog.

Okay, Here we go . . . .
eyes, toes, arms
and legs
crossed for good luck!

Wondering How Much the Postage Will Cost



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